Origin : Japan Disneystore / Japan / Imported

Material : acrylic

Size* : 


Total length: Approximately 12.8 (cm)
Character: About vertical 7.8 × horizontal 4.5 × thickness 0.3 (cm)
Chain: Length about 10 (cm)


Weight* : 10.0 g  

Description :


A chip that looks into the face from a gorgeous apple bowl. It is a cute design ♪ The summery illustrations match the transparency and texture of acrylic, making it very cool.


The die-cut design also has a good presence and is good! The small charm of apple candy is the point ♪

Enjoy the summer fun atmosphere as an accent for your items!


Don't miss it. Once sold Consider sold.  

Ball Ring Keychain Set - Chip Candy Apple Die-cut Festival Keychain

SKU: J-K4936313691986
    • Small parts are included. Not for small children under 6 years old. Avoid put into mouth , suffocation / choke may cause.  
    • Please avoid attaching to the handle of the belt or the bag etc with the key and valuables attached as it may cause loss. Be sure to enter the inside of the bag when attaching to the bag.
    • Scratching by contact such as a mobile phone/bags with the metal part of this product may occurred. Use it in cautious  
    • Wrinkles, scratches, cracks and peeling etc. are likely to occur, so please handle with care.
    •  Please keep in mind that if you touch the same material with each other, vinyl products, leather goods, printed products for a long time, sticking, causing color transfer.
    • The design of this product is finely delicate made. do not use it in excessive force, there is a possibility that the goods may be damaged.
    • There is a possibility that rust is generated in the metal part, please do not get wet it.
    • string of strap may cause discoloration, color transfer by excessive friction and water wet, etc..
    • Seller are not responsible for accident , fall and damage or lost causes when use of the product. 
    •  Please use it in cautious there is sharp site design.  
    • The product photo is the copyright of disneystore japan/HK. Please do not use for any other purpose. 
    • All Photo shooting are under copyrights of Mikka Honeypot , any transfer or use without permission of the owner will be penalised
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