Origin : Tokyo Disneystore / Japan / Imported

Material : Polyurethane / acrylic / iron

Size* : Approx

Height approx. 8 x Width 12.5 x Depth 5 (cm)

Weight* : 30g

Description :


Fastener opening and closing type


A dreamy petit pouch appears from "Rapunzel on the Tower".
Design focused on a fantastic scene where many lanterns go up into the night sky. The appearance of countless lanterns floating in the purple night sky is elegant and gorgeous.
Because it is a small palm-sized pouch, it is recommended for storing small items such as lips, candy, and earphones.


So cute and sweet , it give you a relax feeling when study or work. 


Fully out of stock in Japan , One pc in stock Only. 

Coin Purse Collection :Rapunzel & Pascal Pouch Lantern Coin Case ( s )

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    • Small parts are included. please do not give absolute for small children under 03 years old.
    • Due to the nature of the material , sweat, water, discoloration due to friction may be color transfer. Please take cautious note.
    •  Representation of the details of the embroidery part is occured . Please handled with care. End thread may found. Please avoid pulling. 
    • High Humid/moist or direct sun/light may cause discolored or wet . please takes note.
    • Please do not wash. if dirty , please firmly squeezed wipe with a cloth soaked in water or diluted neutral detergent.
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