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Origin : Tokyo Disney store / Japan / Imported

Made in Japan

Material : body (PC · ABS · elastomer)

Size* : Approx

height 14 × width 1 × depth 1.2 (cm)

It weighs about 20 (g)

Weight : 15g

Description :

ink colors: pink, blue

Core replacement, please use the pilot LFBTRF30UF series.

This friction ballpoint slim pen allow the ink to disappear when rub , you need no further problem in searching for correction pen or eraser , plus with stylish design and thinner body , it have allow more easy grid when writing.

Useful in office / school and anywhere , anytime.

How to use
Color will disappear when rubbed with rubber pen top

Frixion Series : Mickey & Friend Rakugaki Circus 0.38 Frixion Pen Set

SKU: S-P4936313503623