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Origin : Tokyo Disneystore / Japan / Imported

Material : body, lining (PU)

Size* : approx


Size Body: Vertical  15 × width 10 × thickness 2.5 (cm)

Charm: Diameter 1.3 (cm)

Strap length: 7 (cm)

Weight* : 90g

Description :
* Magnet button opening / closing type

long pocket × 1, card pocket × 2* Smartphone

size: vertical 140 (mm) × width 75 (mm) × thickness 8 (mm) or less


Design to cater different type of handphone size , with card holder insert , you can simply use the traveling card whenever using your phone along the traveling way.


With design of Japanese style , Stitch bring the style of cool accent and beauty of traditional and disney to suit all.


Only 1 PC . Fully Out of stock in Japan. Dont Miss It. 



Mobile Case Pouch Collection: Lilo & Stitch Multi type Handphone case

SKU: HP-4936313610819
    • Small parts are included. Not for small children under 3 years old.
    •  Even within the above-mentioned size, it may not be used depending on the design of the smartphone · size ratio of each side. Please be careful.
    • This product does not protect the equipment completely from scratches and shocks. There is no waterproof function, so it does not correspond to strong impact such as wet or falling in water.
    •  Even if problems such as scratches, breakage, breakdown etc occur in smartphone main body and related equipment by any chance when using this product, we can not take responsibility at all. Please note.
    • Please note that due to material characteristics, if you bring them into contact with the same material, leather goods, printed products for a long time, disappearance of gloss, sticking, color transfer.
    • Due to water wetting, sweat, friction, etc., it may fade and transfer color, so please handle it carefully.
    • Due to material characteristics, deterioration may occur with the lapse of time, peeling or discoloration of the coating, wrinkles, cracks, etc. may occur. Please note.
    •  Because you are using synthetic leather, there may be scratches and wrinkles attached at the processing stage. Please note.
    • There may be a smell peculiar to the material. Please note.
    • If sebum, dust, dust adheres to the surface of the adhesive pad, adhesion may decrease and the smartphone may fall off. If it gets dirty, do not get fuzzed. · Wipe off with a cloth that does not come out of fiber or wet tissue and clean the surface.
    • Please remove when you remove the smartphone slowly. When peeling vigorously, the adhesive pad may peel off from the case body or the back cover of the smartphone may come off.
    • If you are using the traveling card attached to the cover, the card may not be recognized. In that case, take out the traveling card and use it.
    • We are using magnets. Please note that it may occasionally cause functional abnormality when approaching watch or magnetic recording type products.
    •  Depending on the model, it may be affected by magnets. Please read the instructions of the smartphone in advance and use it. Even if we encounter problems such as smartphone body and data breakdown, breakage, we can not assume any responsibility. Please note.
    • All photo are copyrights of disneystore , japan. please do not use for any other purpose. 
  • Please note all our items are non-refundable or exchangeable. Please read up our terms and conditions in our T & C for more information. 

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