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Origin : Tokyo Disney store / Japan / Imported

Made in Japan

Material :

body axis, neck (PC) / head collar (POM) / head collar cover (PC) / spring (steel) / refill pipe (PP) / slide portion (POM or ABS) / chip (stainless steel)

Size* : Approx

Height 15 × width 1.7 × depth 1.7 (cm)

Weight : 15g

Description :

Ink color: green, baby pink, cherry pink


Good quality and smooth writing , t Hightech C Colleto exchangeable and refillable ink with different choices of color in personal style and design. With little mickey icon on the head of the ink lead which is exclusive to disneystore / japan only , it will be a worth collection that you wont wanna miss it.

How to use
Refill at Hi-Tech C Coleto dedicated 8-color set at your local stationery department

Tips : The little mickey icon can be pull out and place back to the new lead . Make it to your favourite icon as it is exclusive. **

Hi-Tech C Coleto Series The Little Mermaid Ariel and flounder friendship pen

SKU: S-P4936313715989