Origin :  Disney / Sega Prize / Japan imported 

Material : Lid (ABS) / Tumbler (PS) / Sheet (PET)


Size* :


Package: Height approx 23.5 x width 18.0 x depth 18.0 (cm)

Body: Height approx. 18 x Diameter 12.0 (cm)

Cable: Approximately length 1.0 (m) / Dark grey Shell +Black Cable  ( Baseus brand ) 

Weight* : overall: approx. 503 (g) 


Description :

Exclusive to Sega Prize Japan. 


*USB power Consumption : 0.6W US voltage / 5V USB Current:0.12A

* Brand for cable : Baseus. 


Power by USB charging cable , now you can add on the Aroma Humidifier with the beautiful White Mickey that can change 3 different color when provide the aroma of your choice ( not included ) 


Very rare collection to add on to your home or send it as a gift. This is a wonderful christmas gift for Disney fan. Don't miss it. 

Home Decoration - Disney Mickey White Sega USB Aroma Humidifier

SKU: HD-6953156297517
    • This product is not a toy. Please be careful that children do not use it by mistake.
    • Be sure to use room temperature tap water.
    • Any rich smell such as aroma oils and fragrances may cause strong odor or stain if not correctly handled  
    • Drops may adhere to the surroundings of the product depending on the room temperature and humidity of the environment in which you use it.
    • Do not place any objects around the product.
    •  Do not put foreign matter in the mist outlet or block it. It may cause a mist malfunction or failure.
    • Water cores that have passed the replacement standard (about 2 months) may cause mist malfunction or failure.
    • f you notice any problems such as strange odor, abnormal heat generation, abnormal sound or deformation while using this product, please turn off the power immediately and stop using it.
    • It is not a drink tumbler. Do not use with drinks.
    • Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.
    • During operation, the mist outlet becomes hot. Please handle with care.
    • For imported products overseas, we do not handle repairs in the event of damage or individual sales of parts. Please note.
    • Seller is not responsible in any damage / thief / spoil when use of product. 
    • This picture is under the copyrights of disneystore/disney , please do not use it for other purpose.
    • All Photo shooting are under copyrights of Mikka Honeypot , any transfer or use without permission of the owner will be penalised



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