Origin : Disney / Banpresto / Japan Imported 

Material : PVC


Size* :Approximately 8" height x 12" Width 

Weight* : not stated 

Description :

Exclusive to Banpresto


Ichibankuji Prize A

Halloween Mickey Circus jewel accessories Stand. 

Very Cute. Box slightly dented due to shipment , but new and unopened. 

Very worth for Mickey collection. Rare. 

Don't Miss this chance to get yours now before it is gone.   No longer available in store. 

Home Decoration - Mickey Halloween Circus Jewel Stand Ichibankuji Prize A

    • please do not give small children under 10 years old
    • Due to material , it is fragile , please use it in cautious.
    • Please avoid use in such wet places/areas.
    • This product is only for indoor decoration only.
    • Please do not use for any other purpose.
    • Due to handmade products and natural materials factors, there maybe some differences.
    • Due to the material , there may be sketches or stain in long term or excessive use.
    • Seller is not responsible in any damage / thief / spoil when use of product. 
    • This picture is under the copyrights of stated company , please do not use it for other purpose.
    • All Photo shooting are under copyrights of Mikka Honeypot , any transfer or use without permission of the owner will be penalised



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