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Origin : Tokyo Disneystore / Japan / ImportedMaterial :  zinc alloy / glassSize*  : Size package: length 6.3 × 6.3 × horizontal thickness of 3.5 (cm)Tea cup-shaped case: length 6 × horizontal 7.2 × thickness 3.2 (cm)Ring (each): one-size-fits-allWeight* :55g Description : Joint project  of the BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT.Enjoy to your heart's content the luxurious atmosphere ... ☆ with gold in white, Alice's new series "Alice White".Feel like a princess with "BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT" (Baby The Stars Shine Bright)  series , with the silhouette design of Alice and Mad hatter.This  set of rings with the hat of the Mad Hatter and Alice in Wonderland beautifully decorated with stone shining and a  tea cup-shaped case.Don't miss it.FULLY OUT OF STOCK IN JAPAN DISNEYSTORE , ONLY OUT ON SEASONAL DESIGN COLLECTION . NO FURTHER RESTOCK. 01 PC ONLY.

Jewel Case : BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT Alice in wonderland Ring case set

SKU: J-R4936313706024
    • small parts are included. please do not give absolute for small children under 3 years old.
    • it is one-size-fits-all in size to match the finger. Because there are individual differences in the size of the finger, seller is not liable for any unfit of sizes of the ring or whatsoever.
    • Any abnormality of skin such as  rash or itchy , please stop using and consult a specialist.
    • There is sharp edge , please use it in cautious 
    • Jewel design is finely delicate made. It is possible to be damage with excessive handling , please take care in cautious.
    • There is possible of decoration part falling off due to friction and pull. Please use it in cautious.
    • Seller is not responsible for any loss , damage or whatsoever when use of product.
    • All photo are copyrights of disneystore , japan. please do not use for any other purpose. 
  • Please note all our items are non-refundable or exchangeable. Please read up our terms and conditions in our T & C for more information. 

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