Little Mermaid Pencil Stand Holder Metal Case

Little Mermaid Pencil Stand Holder Metal Case

SKU: S-T4936313609646

Origin : Tokyo Disney store / Japan / Imported

Material : not stated

Size* : Approx

Package: height 11 × width 8 × depth 7.8 (cm)

Body: height  10 × width 7.7 × depth 7.7 (cm)

Weight : overall: 83 (g) / Body:  58 (g)

Description :

Ariel's smile with her hair is charming and sparkling design as she sing with joy. Place it at your desk as a stationary stand holder or use it as a gift metallic box  or decoration with plants as a pot. 


Multi usage where the disney princess Ariel bring the brightness and color of your desk. 

Beautiful and useful . Don't miss it. Fully out of stock in Japan . Once sold , no further restock. 


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    • Please do not give to small children or keep out of reach of small children
    • It is Magnetic. When close to the products such as  clock and the magnetic recording method , it can cause a rare dysfunction
    • Please do not place direct sunlight, or near a window. Light may cause fade or discolored 
    • Please do not drop or give strong impact. It may cause damage.
    • There maybe some areas that cannot be use. 
    • This product does not offer used as clip for item fall prevention. Please use it in cautious there is sharp site design.  
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