Origin : Japan Disneystore / Japan / Imported

Material : cover (EVA resin) / body (polypropylene)

Size* :

L Size: Vertical Approximately 15.1 × Width 10.5 × Thickness 5.4 (cm)

M size: length about 14 × width 9.3 × thickness 4.7 (cm)

S size: Vertical about 12.8 × width 8.3 × thickness 3.8 (cm)

Weight* :

L size:  97 (g)

M size: 76 (g)

S size:  58 (g)

Description :

* Heat resistant temperature: lid (60 degrees) / main body (140 degrees)

* Cooling tolerance temperature: -20 degrees

* Capacity: L size 540 (ml) / M size 350 (ml) / S size 230 (ml)

Bambi, Pooh, Chip & Dale classic art lunch box.


An adult cute match with an illustration drawn in antique style with a gentle color on the lunchbox.

Seal type boxes with all three sizes of S · M · L so you can store it compactly after you finish eating.


Don't Miss this cute design. ^^

Kitchen Homeware - Disney Spring Forest Series 3 pc Lunchbox Set

SKU: HD-4936313806816
    • It is not a complete sealed container. There is a possibility of leaking if not sealed properly
    • As you may get contents, please do not put it sideways.
    •  Because it is dedicated to high frequency heating, please do not use in direct fire · oven and grill.
    • Please do not use in dish dryer or dishwashers.
    • Please do not boiling disinfection , there is a risk of deformation
    • when it is damaged it will cause small parts or sharp edges. You may injured by debris, the suffocation due to accidental ingestion may occurred
    • Any rich smell or artifical coloring of liquid or food may cause strong food odor or stain.
    • Due to the material , there may be sketches or stain in long term or excessive use. 
    • Seller is not responsible in any damage / thief / spoil when use of product. 
    • This picture is under the copyrights of disneystore/disney , please do not use it for other purpose.
    • Any photoshooting / Website decorations are under the copyrights of MikkaHoneypot , please do not use it for other purpose. 




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