Origin : Tokyo Disneystore / Japan / Imported

Material : Polyester

Size* : 

Total length: about 18 (cm)

Character: height about 12 × width 6 × depth 7 (cm)

Chain: Length about 13 (cm)

Weight* : 24g

Description :


Exclusive to Disneystore Japan. 


A cherry-colored pooh with a warm spring breeze. A stuffed keychain that you can sit on.
A glamorous Pooh with cherry blossoms on both ears. Not only the body but also the eyebrows and nose are pink,  The innocent poses with the left and right hands on the mouth are cute and irresistible ♪

Not only attach it to your bag or pouch, but also decorate it on your desk. Y


Plushie Keychain Collection : Winnie The Pooh Sakura 2020 Plushie Keychain

SKU: T-DOLL4936313971026
    • please do not give absolute for small children under 3 years old.
    • there is decoration small parts , please do not give to small children , handle with care.
    • The nature of the material, some fiber might comes out.
    • There is risk of falling parts and decoration , please handle with care.
    • Due to the nature of the material , sweat, water, discoloration due to friction may be color transfer. Please take cautious note.
    • Due to the characteristics of the material, it may deteriorate over time, causing the coating to peel off or yellow. Wrinkles, scratches, cracks and peeling may occur. Please note.
    •  Please keep in mind that prolonged contact with the same material, vinyl products, leather products, and printed products may cause sticking and color migration.
    • The material may smell peculiar. Please note.
    • Seller do not responsible in any thief , misplace or drop and damage when use of item.
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    • All Photo shooting are under copyrights of Mikka Honeypot , any transfer or use without permission of the owner will be penalised
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