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Origin : Tokyo Disneystore / Japan / Imported

Material : The surface of the material (polyester, rayon, other) / back (EVA resin)


Size mount: length 7 × horizontal 11 (cm)

Patch: length about 5.5 × horizontal 5.5 (cm)

Weight* : 05g

Description :


Sticker/ Iron Sticker 


Embroidery Sticker that is so detail and soft to touch. Mutli use to decorate your own fashion style.


Clothes such as your shirt, jacket, coat, jeans, etc.Fashion accessories such as bag, bag, hat, cap,Also, you can easily decorate and remake your child's smocks, lesson bags, lunch bags, etc. simply by putting them on.Easy-to-use size is perfect for the one point. D.I.Y your own fashion by seal it by iron onto your bag / clothes or which you like to add on to your style to show off your cute disney sweet design.

How to use as a sticker : 

  • Remove dust from the object which you like to apply 
  • Peel the sticker from the backing , stick it on the part you want to attach with the adhesive side down.


How to use as iron on sticker : 

  • Place the patch on the position where you want to put it and put a backing cloth so that the iron does not hit the fabric directly. 
  • Keep the ironing temperature at medium dry temperature ( 150-160C ) press firmly for about 20-40 seconds and press.if you press the iron on other side , stronger adgesion can be made.
  • Donot move until it is completely cool cooled.
  • Wash it with water only after 24 hours time
  • If to wash it in higher strength , sewing will be recommended. 

Embroidery DIY Sticker Collection - Chip & dale RAKUGAKI TINY Embroidery Sticker

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