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Origin :Disneystore / Japan / Imported


Material : Polyester


Size* : approx.

version - SMALL length 5.5 × Horizontal 5.5 × depth 10 (cm)


Weight* : -g


Description :


Zodiac series of TSUM TSUM. Donald in a costume named after the 2021 zodiac sign, Ox.


They looks good in a cute milk-colored cow pattern costume. The point is the cowbell attached to the neck. When you shake it, you will hear a cute sound ♪ Also pay attention to the milk held on the left side.


There are 8 types of mini-tsums in this series. Everyone wears different colors of costumes, so be sure to complete them and decorate them colorfully!

Use our stomach as a wiper for your smart phone / mobile phone or any LCD screen cause our little stomach is a cleaner material to make us little cute wiper and toy for your collection. Play and collect as we are cute and special. Some of our friends have sold out don't miss them and us too

S size Tsum Tsum -New Year Season Collection Tsum Tsum 2021

    • Due the nature of the material, some fiber might comes out.
    • Please be cautious when use as wiper , the sand and dust from the LCD screen can cause scratches. Please note. 
    • Due to the nature of the material , sweat, water, discoloration due to friction may be color transfer. Please take cautious note.
    • The design is finely delicate making. there is a possibility that the goods will damaged when excessive handling , please handle it with care.
    • Seller do not responsible in any thief , misplace or drop and damage when use of item.
    • All photo are copyrights of disneystore , japan. please do not use for any other purpose. 
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