Origin : Tokyo Disney store / Japan / Imported

Material : Lid (polypropylene) / Body (AS resin)


Size : Height about 5 x width 3.8 x depth 2.5 (cm)


Weight : Approximately 20 (g) / Made in Japan 

Description :


Exclusive Design to Japan Disneystore. 


* When you open the top cover and sharpen the pencil, use a pencil, and when you cut a colored pencil, cut the pencil.

Mickey and Pooh's "Disney ufufy".


Pencil sharpening that can be changed depending on the hardness of the lead.A cute design in which fine adorable characters are drawn with sparkling adorable characters ☆When sharpening a pencil, use a hard core for cutting, and for a colored pencil, use a soft core. It is made in a wide shape that is easy to grip and sharpen even in the hands of children.


Don't Miss this design as it is no long available in Japan Disneystore. 

Tools & Stationary -Ufufy Disney Mickey and Friend Summer Double Sharpener

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    • Small parts are included. Please do not give to small children or keep out of reach of small children
    • There are sharp parts in the design. Please handle with care
    • Do not sharpen anything other than pencils and colored pencils.
    • Blade being use. Do not disassemble because it is dangerous.
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