DISNEY TSUM TSUM BOX SET - Kingdom Heart Square Enix Corporation Tsum Tsum Set

DISNEY TSUM TSUM BOX SET - Kingdom Heart Square Enix Corporation Tsum Tsum Set

SKU: T-TSUM4936313567694

Origin : Tokyo Disneystore / Japan / Imported

Material : Polyester

Size* : approx.


Package: Height about 12 × width 24.5 × depth 9 (cm)

Donald: height about 6 × width 5.5 × depth 8 (cm)

Sora: height about 5.5 × width 7 × depth 8 (cm)

Goofy: height about 6 × width 6 × depth 7.5 (cm)

Kairi: Height about 4 × width 5.5 × depth 7.5 (cm)

Heartless (shadow): Height about 5.5 × width 6.5 × depth 8 (cm)

Riku: height about 4 × width 6 × depth 7.5 (cm)

Mickey: Height about 5 × width 8 × depth 7.8 (cm)

Heartless (Soldier): Height about 7 × width 5 × depth 9 (cm)

Weight* : Overall: about 320 (g) / Tsum Tsum (each):  35 (g)

Description :


The characters of Kingdom Hearts, a very popular role-playing game born from the co-star of Disney and SQUARE ENIX's dream, will be Tsum Tsum!The main character of the game in which the zenith hairstyle is firmly reproduced The key blade is equipped on Sora's back. Sora's close friend and rival Riku, who have distinctive silver hair, have a cool atmosphere even when they become Tsum Tsum Form.


The heroine's Kairi has cute eyes! During the game, Mickey, who is called "King", has a bright red costume. Donald of the Royal Castle Mage of the Marine Taste Disney Castle, Goofy of the Royal Knight Knight Captain with the goggles of the trademark.


The enemy character is a set of eight full of satisfaction, with a heartless shadow and a soldier miniature.Get a premium-rich set at this opportunity that "Kingdom Hearts" and "Tsutsumu" fans can not miss either!*


This product is only sold at "online stores". (Sale store may be changed.)* This product is different from the one sold at "D23 Expo Japan 2018 Satellite Shop".


Very Limited. Out of stock once launched. Very Exclusive and no longer instock. 

  • Please Note :

    • Due the nature of the material, some fiber might comes out.
    • Please be cautious when use as wiper , the sand and dust from the LCD screen can cause scratches. Please note. 
    • Due to the nature of the material , sweat, water, discoloration due to friction may be color transfer. Please take cautious note.
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