File Collection - Disney Ufufy Love Underlay Cover

File Collection - Disney Ufufy Love Underlay Cover

SKU: S-T4936313842227

Origin : Tokyo Disney store / Japan / Imported

Material : PVC

Size* : Approx

Body: length 26.5 × horizontal 18 (cm)

Weight : 34g

Description :

A lovely underlay file that allow you to place it at your desk for decoration , or divider of books , file or document. Be surprise by the cute Disney characters when open your textbook or document in the page you need , let them help you to put a style in your study or work. They just so cute.

You just find it so useful , fun and stylish. ( ^ . ^ ) ~~

Don't Miss It. Love it.


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    • Decors part may caught and falling off due to friction or excessive use please use it in care. 
    • Please note there are times when the ink may cause damage to the item and all. Please note.
    • Please do not place it in hot or cold area . Over heated or Cold might cause deformed of the product.
    • Do not bend or put overloaded item on the product. It may cause damage.