Letter/Greeting card -  Tsum Tsum Friendship letter Set Pocket File

Letter/Greeting card - Tsum Tsum Friendship letter Set Pocket File

SKU: S-SET4936313730111

Origin : Tokyo Disney store / Japan / Imported

Material : Paper / PVC / iron / plastic

Size* : Approx

Size Package: Vertical  16.5 × Width 21.5 (cm)

Stationery: length  13.5 × width 18 (cm)

Envelope: Vertical  9.7 × Width 14.8 (cm)

Message card: length 6.7 × width 16.6 (cm)

Pen: height 14.2 × width 1.2 × depth 1.5 (cm)

Can badge: Vertical 2.4 × width 2.4 (cm)

Seal sheet: Total length  9.7 (cm)


Weight : 87 g

Description :

Clear Case, ballpoint pen (ink color: black), cans badge, seal, message cards stationery (2 patterns), envelope

Tsum Tsum Friendship writing set , with all in one , you can convert your message immediately the most convenient way by simply carry around it with you

With the cute Tsum Tsum FriendshipA5 size plastic pouch , you can organized your stationary , personal item whenever you go.

Useful in office / school and anywhere , anytime.


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    • Small parts are included. Please do not give to small children 
    • keep out of reach of small children less than 10 years old.
    • Safety pin is used. In the case of small children, etc. Remove attached please be carried out by a parent or guardian.
    • Pen cannot be replaced by ink lead. 
    • Do not paste the sticker on skin.