Origin : Tokyo Disneystore / Japan / Imported

Material : Not stated 

Size* : approx

Size Length:


Strap: Width about 4 to 16.5 (cm) / length about 70 (cm)
Tip tape: Width about 0.8 (cm) / length about 32 (cm) ※ stretched state
Cap holder: Vertical about 8 × horizontal 9.5 (cm)


Weight : 46 (g)

Description :


* Cap holder x 1
* Withstand load: Recommended 5 (kg) or less
* Strap hole width is 8mm type strap for single lens reflex.


Camera strap which can be used like a scarf. Soft and cute cherry-colored minnie design.
Soft fabric with beautiful cherry blossom prints. The airy and classy atmosphere is perfect for feminine blouses and dress-style days. It is a mobile item that can be used like an accessory.
With the accessory case where lens cap and SD card are put. Please check if it corresponds to your camera.


Mobile & Camera Accessories - Sakura Minnie 2019 Camera Strip with cap holder

SKU: HP-4936313694581
    • Make sure that the strap mounting hole width of the camera is 8 mm or more.
    • Depending on the size and shape of the strap holes, this product may not fit. Please be careful.
    •  Be careful not to wrap children around the neck etc. as the strap part may get tangled.
    •  Because we can not take any responsibility in the event of problems such as damage, damage, breakdown or loss of related equipment etc. when using this product, please be aware in advance.
    •  There are sharp parts on the design. Please handle with care.
    • Due to the characteristics of the material, it may deteriorate with the passage of time and may peel off or turn yellow. In addition, wrinkles, scratches, cracks and peeling may occur. Please note.
    • Please keep in mind that contact with the same material, vinyl products, leather products and print products for a long time will cause them to stick and cause color transfer.
    • There may be a smell specific to the material. Please note.
    • Color may fade or stain (transfer) if it becomes wet from liquids, sweat or friction. Please be careful about contact with light colored ones.
    •  This product may cause color transfer to other things, so do not store or store it in especially hot or humid conditions.
    • Please do not use other than the purpose.
    •  Because there is a risk that the fabric may be pulled strongly or transmitted, please be careful not to catch it on anything that is strongly pulled or sharp.
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