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Origin : Tokyo  Disneystore / Japan / Imported

Material : synthetic leather / zinc alloy

Size* : approx

Size Length: 107 (cm)

Leather-style material only length: 65 (cm)

Pearl only part of the length: 33 (cm)

Mickey icon: length 3.2 × horizontal 4 × thickness 3 (cm)

Weight* : 60g

Description :

Shoulder strap that can be used in 3-way. Casual Mickey icon fashionable pearl part with different angle in connecting your bag in 3 different style & length with own liking

Elegant mickey icon with leather to fashionable style in outing or pearly style in event. Or be both elegant and stylish

It will be a style to your bag where it add the sweetness to new/existing bag/pouch.***

Simply add on your pouch / bag or more you can think of to create your own creative style.

It is the sweetest and cutest design for those who love to add on something cool to their bag for any event or outing.

** please note , depend on bag type.

Bag Decoration Collection - Mickey Icon 3 - way Bag charm chain

SKU: J-C4936313691115
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    • Small parts are included. Not for small children under 3 years old. There is a risk of suffocation as the accidental ingestion
    • There is a case where the material peculiar smell.
    • The nature of the material, occur deterioration with the passage of time, it may be peeling and yellowing of the coating. There is also be a wrinkle, scratches, cracks or peeling or the like occurs. Please note.
    • Same material with each other and vinyl products, leather, sticking and to a long period of time contact with the print product may cause color transfer.
    • There is a case where the material peculiar smell. 
    •  it is a finely delicate making design.  Any excessive handling,  there is a possibility that the goods will be damaged,Please handle with care.
    • Please do not go near heating equipment or Storage in direct sunlight. It may be damaged or deformed.
    • Seller are not responsible for accident , fall and damage or lost causes when use of the product. 
    • This product does not offer used as straps for fall prevention.
    •  Please use it in cautious there is sharp site design.  
    • All photo are copyrights of disneystore , japan. please do not use for any other purpose. 
    • All Photo shooting are under copyrights of Mikka Honeypot , any transfer or use without permission of the owner will be penalised
  • Please note all our items are non-refundable or exchangeable. Please read up our terms and conditions in our T & C for more information. 

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