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Origin : Tokyo Disneystore /  Japan / Imported

Material :character part: ATBC-PVC

Size* : approx

Size package: length 10 × 6.1 × horizontal thickness of 1.1 (cm)

Pooh: length 2 × horizontal 1.5 × thickness 0.3 (cm)

Piglet: length 2.2 × 1.3 × horizontal thickness of 0.2 (cm)

Description :

Cute decoration the earphone cord, earphone accessories where now you can have the tsum tsum summer ice-cream to be attached to your existing earphone to make you like wearing earrings and be stylish. It help to differentiate your earphone from other friends or family member to let you know that is your earphone , It is just so cute that you shouldn't miss it to decorate your earphone in style.

It is so useful and fun to own it.

Mobile & Camera Accessories - Earphone accessories Tsum Tsum Mickey & Minnie

SKU: HP-4936313604382