Origin : Disney store / Japan / Imported

Made in Japan

Material : body (PC · ABS · elastomer)

Size* : Approx

Package: Approximately 16.4 x 5 x 2.6 (cm) thick

Body: Length approx. 14.6 x Diameter 1.3 (cm)

Weight : Overall: Approx. 31 (g) / Body: Approx. 15 (g)

Description :

* Ink color: black, red, blue
* Please use the pilot LFBTRF30EF for the replacement core.

* Please use the rubber LFBTSRU10 for this product to replace the erasing rubber.

A friction ballpoint pen "Friction Ball 3 Slim" that disappears when rubbed has a Tsum Tsum design dressed as sushi.TSUM TSUM, which was born from the Disney Store, is a sushi that can be said to be a representative of Japanese food ♪ Tsum Tsum dressed as sushi is printed on a pen shaft that feels Japanese based on red and white.


A convenient pen that can be written and erased is ideal for making notebooks, textbooks, and notebooks. The three basic colors of black, red and blue are in one, so it's good without being bulky in the pen case!

Useful in office / school and anywhere , anytime.


  • Please do not use it for things that cannot be erased, such as certificates and addresses.
  • Do not use for anything other than writing.
  • Avoid writing with the pen tip facing above the horizontal. It may cause ink leakage.
  •  Do not leave in direct sunlight or places with high temperatures.
  • When the temperature rises above 60 degrees, the ink becomes colorless.
  • The erased handwriting may return at around -10 degrees.
  • Do not use for writing on anything other than paper.
  • It may not be suitable for erasing depending on the type of paper such as thermal paper and the characteristics of printed matter.

Frixion Series : Friction Ball 3 Slim 0.5 Sushi TSUM TSUM Frixion Multi Pen

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  • Please note all our items are non-refundable or exchangeable. Please read up our terms and conditions in our T & C for more information. 

    • Small parts are included. Please do not give to small children or keep out of reach of small children
    • This body is only for pilot only. please do not use any other products.
    • For Ink replacement please take note at description. ( if any ) 
    • For Ink replacement , it is buyer responsiblity to check if their local store is in sale or stock.** 
    • Please do not placed in a location that will be used as a high temperature. Ink becomes colorless when it comes to more than 60 degrees.
    • Paper such as thermal paper, or depending on the characteristics of the printed material might be unsuitable to erase.
    • Please note there are times when the ink may cause damage to the clothes and all , please do not  fall with the ink stick.
    • Please note it can be eases off , please do not use for signture of important documents / cheque and all. 
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