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Origin : Japan Disneystore / Japan / Imported

Material : PS / PVC rubber

Size* :

Size Package: Vertical Approximately 12.7 × Width 3.2 × Thickness 4 (cm)

When folded: Vertical  10 × side 3 × thickness 3.8 (cm)

When opened: Vertical 18.5 × width 3 × thickness 3 (cm)

Weight* :  31 (g)

Description :


Convenient for carrying because it is a folding brush . You put it in a pouch, have a brush of your hair quickly while outing or traveling. Easy to carry , convenient for traveling or outing. 


Hair bush that is so beautifully design and decorated with cute disney characters dazzling cheeks that is so cute.


Hair Brush Series -"Cheeks" series Winnie The Pooh Folding Hair Brush

SKU: HD-4936313745290
    • Please do not give to small children less than 5 years old 
    • Air hole, such as missing a single to mitigate the burden on the hair and scalp during blow dry and styling has been applied.
    • Please stop using it when there is a time and anomalies that do not meet the scalp
    • Interval between this product and the dryer , please maintain distance of about 10 ~ 15cm.
    • long period of time in a certain place on the hot air of the dryer, the pain of burns and hair, may cause damage to the product.
    • lease do not put hair dressing (the spray, etc.) directly to this product.
    • it may be damaged by the sudden change in temperature.
    • Due to the material , there may be sketches or stain in long term or excessive use. 
    • Seller is not responsible in any damage / thief / spoil when use of product. 
    • All picture is under copyrights of Disneystore / Disney , please do not transfer or use it for other purpose. 
    • Photo taken is copyrights of Mikka-Honeypot. Mikka-honeypot will reserve all rights to claim against user for any transfer / use of the photo without permission.





  • Please note all our items are non-refundable or exchangeable. Please read up our terms and conditions in our T & C for more information. 

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