Origin :Sun-Star Stationary / Japan / Imported

Material : Polyester / Cotton 

Size* : Approx

Pouch Body : length 21.0 x Width 15.0 x Thickness 1.0 cm

When opened : Width 29.5 cm

Coin Case  : length 10.0 x Width 13.5 x Thickness 1.0 cm 

Notepad  : length 7.0 x Width 10.0 x Thickness 1.0 cm

Weight* : 100.0 g 

Description :

Zipper Type.

Beautiful Lilo And stitch Travel pouch that allow you to place different document , materials or make up as it provide compartments for sorting the items. A small notepad is provided for you to write down your notes in need of time and a small coin case to match it and allows you to place important cards or some travel notes when you travel.


Very beautiful and out-printed.


Once sold consider sold , no further restock. Don't Miss It. 

Make-up Pouch Collection : Lilo & Stitch Travel Pouch with Coin Case + notepad

SKU: POU-0901770323862
    • Small parts are included. please do not give absolute for small children under 03 years old.
    • Due to the nature of the material , sweat, water, discoloration due to friction may be color transfer. Please take cautious note.
    • Please keep in mind that if you touch the same material with each other, vinyl products, leather goods, printed products for a long time, sticking, causing color transfer.
    •  You can store pocket tissue on the side. Depending on the shape of the pocket tissue, there are things that are difficult to put in and out or that can not be used.
    • Please handled with care. End thread may found. Please avoid pulling. 
    • High Humid/moist or direct sun/light may cause discolored or wet . please takes note.
    • Please do not wash. if dirty , please firmly squeezed wipe with a cloth soaked in water or diluted neutral detergent.
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