Origin : Disneystore / Japan / Imported

Material : Ceramic

Size* :

Box: height  8 × width 21.5 × depth 15.5 (cm)

Cup: height 6.8 × width 15.5 × depth 10.5 (cm)

Saucer: Vertical 15 × width 21.2 × thickness 1.6 (cm)

Weight* : cup: 298 (g) / saucer: 293 (g)

Description :

Pink color throbbing mind! Glitter and lots of lovely items! "Pink Ribbon Princess" series


The art of Rapunzel drawn lightly and gently is impressive.Add favorite sweets and cookies with the favorite drinks ... Feeling a little rich cafe ♪ It is also perfect for gifts because it has a pretty box.

Never miss the shot as it is so cute to recognize it is your mug in the school / office and anywhere. Envy your friends with this cute mug as it is only limited to Disneystore in Japan.


Mug Series : Pink Ribbon Princess Rapunzel & Pascal cafe cup set

SKU: HD-4936313714890
    • Please do not give to small children less than 5 years old 
    • Heat-resisting temperature: NORMAL
    • Please do not use in dish dryer or dishwashers.
    • please do not use the grill or open fire, microwave oven.
    •  When cleaning, please avoid using the abrasive-containing sewage, metalwood and cleanser.
    • Do not put in freezer , it may burst and cause damage
    • during cleaning, abrasive sponge, please do not washed using a metal sponge or scouring powder.
    •  Please do not drag pottery on the table. It may be scratched.
    • When it is damaged it will cause small parts or sharp edges. You may injured by debris, please use it in cautious 
    • it may be damaged by the sudden change in temperature.
    • Ceramics for (semi-porcelain) may water-absorbent, please avoid soak wash after use .
    • Any rich smell or artifical coloring of liquid or food may cause strong food odor or stain.
    • Due to the material , there may be sketches or stain in long term or excessive use. 
    • Seller is not responsible in any damage / thief / spoil when use of product. 
    • All picture is under copyrights of Disneystore / Disney , please do not transfer or use it for other purpose. 
    • Photo taken is copyrights of Mikka-Honeypot. Mikka-honeypot will reserve all rights to claim against user for any transfer / use of the photo without permission.





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