Origin : Tokyo Disneystore / Japan / Imported

Material :

Material body (stainless steel (acrylic resin paint)) / lid (polypropylene) / packing (silicone rubber) / drinking mouth (silicone rubber)

Size* : Diameter 8.7 × height 13 (cm)

Weight* : 250g

Description :

  •  Practical amount: about 280 (ml)
  • Heat retaining effect: 50 degrees or more (6 hours)
  • Cooling effect: 13 degrees or less (6 hours)
  • Lid, packing, drinking mouth:

    heat resistant temperature 120 degrees

    cold tolerance temperature: -20 degrees

Stay warm with your soup or hot meal , the attractiveness of the loveliness of the character of the unbelievable eyes, coloring which makes the mood bright when having a good meal. 

Good quality and fun design that make your stainless mug jar series never be the same again. Compact size feel and ease of soup and meal also easy to bring around for those who prefer travel light.


Especially for bringing porriage or soup for babies / kids during outing. With the cute disney , it just suit the sweetness and fun for the kids. 


Stainless Mug series : Story Book Series Soup Stainless Jar -Beauty & the Beast

SKU: HD-4936313718942
    • Please do not lay the product horizontally. Although packing is attached, please be sure to put it vertically when carrying it in a bag etc etc. Also, please do not carry with your valuables (mobile phones, cameras etc). (It will lead to dirty other things or unexpected accidents.)
    • Please close the lid tightly and securely. There is a danger that the contents will leak.
    •  Please do not use for heat insulation, cold insulation other than food and drink.
    • Please do not wash and put on the main unit. Water intrudes, rust occurs, and other things get dirty.
    • Please do not boil. It may cause deformation and breakdown or leakage.
    • Please do not use chlorine bleach.
    • Please do not use thinner, benzine, metalwood, polishing powder, cleanser etc. It may cause scratches, rust and damage.
    • Do not bring the product close to the fire, such as a stove or a stove. It may cause deformation or discoloration.
    • Please do not keep the contents for a long time. Also, please do not keep warmth, dairy products etc. There is a danger of alteration or corruption.
    • Please do not put dry ice or carbonated drink.
    • Please do not use in the microwave.
    • Please do not use automatic dishwasher, dish dryer. It may cause deformation, damage or leakage.
    • If you put hot food, there is a danger of burns, please cool down to the extent that you can eat. (Even if hot objects are inserted due to the insulation effect, the outside of the body will not get hot.)
    •  The heat retaining effect means that the hot water is filled in the product to about 1 cm below the main body mouth at room temperature 20 ° ± 2 ° C. and the lid is placed at the time when the hot water temperature is 95 ° ± 1 ° in a state of being placed in a vertical position, It is the temperature of that hot water when it is left unattended.
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