Origin : TokyoDisneystore / Japan / Imported

Material : Polyester

Size* :

Size blanket: length 70 × width 100 (cm)

When stored: height approximately 26 × width 25 × depth 17 (cm)

Suitable for age at 15 years old and below.

Weight* : 20g

Description :

Small Blanket with Winnie the Pooh & his friends sleeping together with the little ones that is so cute and so fun. . This cute design blanket can be foldable like a small pillow or plushie to let the little ones to hug or play with during travel , and when cold to cover them when sleep. Useful especially on air-plane or car. 


Easy to fold and pack . Don't miss this collection as it is fully out of stock in Japan . No further restock.


Towel Series :Winnie the Pooh Friend sleeping Blanket

SKU: TOWEL-4936313647716
    • Water wet and sweat, discoloration due to friction,may cause color transfer.
    • Item may fluff fall, and lose color. At the time of washing , please be advice to wash separately, it recommends the use of waste removal net.
    • Please avoid use of fluorescent whitening agents in color patterned or use of chlorine bleach detergent 
    •  Please avoid tumble dry.
    • Please do not rub strongly the skin with decorative parts.
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