Origin : Japan Disneystore / Japan / Imported

Material : Polyester

Size* : BOX SIZE : 7.5L x 5.0W


Weight* : not stated.

Description :


RARITY : 07/10


Toy Collection series where you need not open Secret Strap to hope to find something you wish for now. 


All opened as seem and shown.  ** ( please note box may slightly damaged due to opening  )


Get it before it's fully sold out.


Japan have fully out of stock and discontinued the item. 


TOY Collection - Secret Strap Halloween Tsum Tsum Party Marie Cat

SKU: TOY-03-4936313679007
    • Small parts are included. Not for small children under 6 years old. Avoid put into mouth , suffocation / choke may cause.  
    • Scratching by contact such as a mobile phone/bags with the metal part of this product may occurred. Use it in cautious  
    • The design of this product is finely delicate made. do not use it in excessive force, there is a possibility that the goods may be damaged.
    • There is a possibility that rust is generated in the metal part, please do not get wet it.
    • string of strap may cause discoloration, color transfer by excessive friction and water wet, etc..
    • Seller are not responsible for accident , fall and damage or lost causes when use of the product. 
    •  Please use it in cautious there is sharp site design.  
    • The product photo is the copyright of disneystore japan/HK. Please do not use for any other purpose. 
    • All Photo shooting are under copyrights of Mikka Honeypot , any transfer or use without permission of the owner will be penalised
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