Origin : Disneystore / Japan / Imported

Material : Synthetic leather

Size* :

Length about 10 x width 10.3 x thickness 3.3 (cm)

Weight* : 139g

Description :

* Snap button opening / closing type / inner pocket x 1, card holder x 4, wallet x 1, coin purse x 1

A small wallet with Mickey-designed ukiyo-e style art.The beautiful flap art that expresses the traditional touch is attractive. The appearance of Mickey looking at the scenery of Japan adds playfulness. On the other hand, the external coin case is designed with a character name that looks like it was written with a brush and the letters "NIPPON". You can feel the Japanese character in the Gamaguchi specifications.It is recommended not only for yourself but also as a souvenir for your travel memories.

Wallet Purse Collection : Mickey Wallet Ukiyoe Japan

SKU: PURSE-4936313901535
    • small parts are included. please do not give absolute for small children under 15 years old.
    • Parts, such as rhinestones are used . Caught, please note that there is a possibility that the decorative part to fall off due to friction and/or excessive use. if any
    • There is on the sharp site design. Please handle with care
    • Due to the nature of the material , sweat, water, discoloration due to friction may be color transfer. Please take cautious note.
    • Due to the material ,  wrinkle, scratch,cracking and peeling are likely to occur. Please handle with care.
    • There maybe material-specific smell due to the natural of material.
    • Seller do not responsible in any thief , misplace or drop and damage when use of item.
    • All photo are copyrights of disneystore , japan. please do not use for any other purpose. 
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